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Time Has Value

Skyway Air Taxi offers the freedom to fly direct on your schedule. With our efficient state of the art aircraft, you can enjoy the convenience of private air charter for much less than you’d think.

Expanded Market Reach

Businesses and professionals who define their market by a day’s travel can expand their reach using Skyway Air Taxi.  A 4-8 hour drive becomes an easy 1-2 hour flight.  Skip the traffic, hotel, and headaches.  Turn a multi-day business trip by car or airline into a same-day return with Skyway Air Taxi.

Unsurpassed Comfort & Productivity

Our climate controlled cabin will keep you comfortable.  Roomy seats with far more legroom than an airline allow you to work comfortably putting valuable productive time back in your pocket.

Amazingly Flexible & Hassle Free

Arrive just 10 minutes before your flight and park just steps from your plane.  Need to change your departure time?  A quick call or text and it’s taken care of.  We fly on your schedule not ours, so when your schedule changes it’s no problem.

World Class Customer Service

We’ll handle the details.  Every flight is custom tailored.  With over 5,000 to choose from; let us us find the airports most convenient to your travel needs.  There’s often a small airport just around the corner you didn’t know was there.  Ground transportation?  We can arrange that too and have your car delivered plane-side.  Step from plane to car while your Skyway pilot loads your luggage.

Hub & Spoke Is For Cargo

The airline “hub and spoke” model was invented for the efficient movement of cargo.  Does “cargo” fit your self-image?  Because every time you wait for a connecting flight that’s exactly how the airlines are treating you.  So why put up with it?

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