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Why Skyway Air Taxi?

Skyway Air Taxi offers Affordable Private Air Travel and the Freedom to Fly Direct on Your Schedule. With Skyway you can enjoy the freedom and convenience of private aviation at a fraction of the cost of traditional air charter. Enjoy an exclusive experience, free from security lines, parking hassles and long airport walks with private air travel.

You Control Your Time

Fly Direct on your schedule with convenient locations. Car to Plane to Destination

Remarkable Value

No more high priced private jet charters. Close to first or business class airline fares.

The Experience

Red carpet only. Arrive only 10-15minutes early, park close, get picked up plane side.



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“Skyway Air Taxi offers the easiest and most effective solution to travel to Blacksburg for big game weekends. As an alumni, I can use my time to enjoy the game and being with friends instead of spending eight hours round trip in my car. I highly recommend Skyway to those who put a premium on their time.”

H.D. Campbell, CEO, Campbell & Paris Engineers. October 1, 2018

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