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Stress Free Ownership

Aircraft Ownership is Possible

Do you own, or want to own the most technologically advanced and safe light aircraft made today? Do you need a highly trained professional pilot at your beck and call to serve your personal and business transportation needs? Do you represent a small to mid-sized business with regional transportation needs in the Washington D.C. Region? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, you should know that Skyway can serve as your personal or corporate flight department. Avoid the hassles of aircraft ownership and management while simultaneously experiencing what dedicated air service can do for your business and / or personal needs. Aviation has long been a key business tool but never before has it been available at this price point with such convenience. Skyway can operate an aircraft dedicated to your business and optionally defray ownership costs through our air taxi leaseback program.

Skyway Air Taxi Testimonials

“Skyway Air Taxi offers the freedom to fly on my own schedule without the hassle of a major airport so I can quickly fly direct to my destination. Whether it be a day trip for business or a relaxing trip to the beach, I can always count on their service and professionalism.”